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One of the most innovative technologies in the smart world is the smart watch. The Apple Watch has been a leader in the industry, with new series continually being released featuring the latest innovative functions. But unfortunately, like most devices, Apple Watches can still experience issues such as broken screens and batteries that can affect their performance. At Repair Buddy, we’re proud to offer Apple Watch repair in Melbourne within 30 minutes, providing you with a fast and efficient solution to your broken Apple Watch.

Find Details & Prices for Your Apple Watch Model
At Repair Buddy, we aim to be as transparent as possible when it comes to our Apple Watch repair services and prices. Click on one of the options below to view relevant information for your specific Apple Watch model:

Apple watch repair Melbourne

Apple Watch Screen Repair

Apple Watch Screen Repair Melbourne

Apple Watch Battery Repair

Apple Watch Battery Repair Melbourne

What We Can Do

  • Apple Watch Cracked Screen Repair – If your Apple Watch has suffered a cracked or broken screen, our experts can get it replaced for you in next to no time. Our Apple cracked watch screen repair in Melbourne uses quality glass to restore your screen back to optimal condition.
  • Apple Watch Battery Repair – If you’ve noticed your Apple Watch losing charge fast, or if it’s failing to charge at all, a new battery is recommended. Repair Buddy can fit your watch with a brand new battery to keep it working reliably for years to come.
  • Apple Watch Repair for Other Issues – Is your Apple Watch experiencing an issue not listed above? We can also assist with other repair services, such as Apple cracked watch repair in the Melbourne CBD for watches that have become cracked open.

Why Repair Your Apple Watch?

Repairing your Apple Watch lets you enjoy all the features of your smart watch. These features include not only timekeeping, but health and fitness tracking, notifications and communications, Apple Pay, and HomeKit automation. Why leave your broken Apple Watch in a drawer gathering dust when you can get it fixed and wear it proudly once more on your wrist? Repair Buddy offers fast and affordable Apple Watch cracked screen repairs, battery repairs and more to get your watch back in working order without hassle.

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To learn more about our Apple Watch repair services, call the experts at Repair Buddy today on (03) 9077 0411. You can also drop into one of our locations in Malvern East or the Melbourne CBD.

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