Samsung Galaxy S series Repairs

In Melbourne, Samsung Galaxy S family owners can rest easy knowing that professional repair services are readily available for their beloved devices. From screen replacements to battery issues, water damage, and various other common problems, Melbourne offers a range of repair centers specializing in Samsung Galaxy S family repairs.

These service providers employ skilled technicians who are well-versed in handling the intricacies of Samsung's flagship smartphones. Whether you own a Galaxy S23, S22, S21, S20, or any other model, Melbourne's repair experts can swiftly and effectively address your device's needs, ensuring that it continues to perform at its best. When it comes to Samsung Galaxy S family repair in Melbourne, convenience, expertise, and a commitment to customer satisfaction are at the forefront.

Model Screen repair Battery replacement Screen protector Other issue
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Call Call $29 - $45 Call
Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus Call Call $29 - $45 Call
Samsung Galaxy S23 Call Call $29 - $45 Call
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra  Call Call $29 - $45 Call
Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Call Call $29 - $45 Call
Samsung Galaxy S22 Call Call $29 - $45 Call
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra $440 Call $29 - $45 Call
Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus $409 Call $29 - $45 Call
Samsung Galaxy S21 $399 Call $29 - $45 Call
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE $350 Call $29 - $45 Call
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra $409 Call $29 - $45 Call
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus $409 Call $29 - $45 Call
Samsung Galaxy S20 $389 Call $29 - $45 Call
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE $330 Call $29 - $45 Call

* The prices listed above are for the mobile devices with working Genuine LCD only.
* Repair Buddy Money Back Guarantee covers 7 days on all our parts.
* OEM parts are made directly by the manufacturer

*OEM Samsung Repair:

​We use genuine LCD, Digitiser glass & frame for *OEM Samsung Repair.

​We guarantee that we use the top supplier and the screens are fitted with the gorilla glass, which is the best quality in Australian market. We proudly provide one year Warranty for all screens. Our warranty covers glass separation, touch issues or colour saturation issues.

​Unlike copy screen  can be easily smashed again and by slightly dropped, the glass likely to separate from the frame and even the saturation is not as same as your old screen. Visit us today at our shop in Melbourne or Malvern East.

We fix issues

Repair Buddy in Melbourne is a professional electronics repair shop, with thousands of satisfied customers and two locations in Melbourne Metro Area. Our trained technicians are experts on a huge variety of Samsung repair services, or anything in between. At Repair Buddy, our repairs are usually finished on the spot too. Regardless of what kind of Samsung S Series issue you’re dealing with, our repair pros are here to help! We offer a plethora of repair services, sure to meet all your tech needs.

Samsung Screen Repair

Still looking for a service center to replace your cracked phone screen? Our screen replacement service can be done on the spot. Generally, our waiting time is around 60 minutes depending on the Samsung phone model. We also provide other Samsung phone repair such as battery replacement, charging port replacement, water damage repairs and so on.