Google Pixel Screen Repair Price List

If you’re experiencing problems with your Google Pixel, come straight to the Google Pixel repair specialists at Repair Buddy. We provide fast and affordable Google Pixel repairs in the Melbourne CBD and Malvern, so you can get your Google Pixel back in working order again sooner rather than later. Whether you need an Google Pixel screen repair in Melbourne or a battery replacement, drop into one of our Google Pixel repair center today for fast and friendly assistance.

ModelOEM Price (AUD)Warranty
Google Pixel 7PRO Screen/LCD Repair 499 Life time
Google Pixel 7 Screen/LCD Repair 349 Life time
Google Pixel 7A Screen/LCD Repair Call Us Life time
Google Pixel 6 Screen/LCD Repair 399 Life Time
Google Pixel 6PRO Screen/LCD Repair 499 Life Time
Google Pixel 6A Screen/LCD Repair 349 Life Time
Google Pixel 5 Screen/LCD Repair 349 Life Time
Google Pixel 4 Screen/LCD Repair 249 Life Time
Google Pixel 4A Screen/LCD Repair 279 Life Time
Google Pixel 4A 5G Screen/LCD Repair 279 Life Time
Google Pixel 4A XL Screen/LCD Repair 279 Life Time

Google Pixel repair Melbourne

The Google Pixel phones come with a large AMOLED touchscreen that offers an enhanced user experience that you are bound to fall in love with. The screen is reinforced with Corning Gorilla Glass to protect it from getting damaged.

However, even though this device features some of the latest and strongest hardware, it may still get damaged one way or the other. Repair Buddy Melbourne offer quality Google phone repair services in case your Pixel device ever gets broken or water damaged.

Our technicians are  experienced to repair or replace a cracked screen for every Google phone. Just bring your device to any of our repair shops in Melbourne and have it fixed to the perfect working condition on the same day.

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