If you’re experiencing problems with your Apple iPhone, come straight to the iPhone repair specialists at Repair Buddy. We provide fast and affordable iPhone repairs in the Melbourne CBD and iPhone repairs in Malvern so you can get your iPhone back in working order again sooner rather than later. Whether you need an iPhone screen repair in Melbourne or a battery replacement, drop into one of our Apple iPhone repair centers today for fast and friendly assistance.

Please check our common iPhone screen repair price below:

ModelOEM Price (AUD)After market Price(AUD)
iPhone 14 screen replacement Please Call us Please Call us
iPhone 14 Pro screen replacement Please Call us Please Call us
iPhone 13 mini screen replacement 199 160
iPhone 13 screen replacement 199 160
iPhone 13 Pro screen replacement(OEM PARTS) 249
iPhone 13 Pro Max screen replacement(OEM PARTS) 299
iPhone 12 mini screen replacement 169 129
iPhone 12/12 Pro screen replacement 169 129
iPhone 12 Pro Max screen replacement 199 149
iPhone 11 screen replacement 100 90
iPhone 11 Pro screen replacement 119 99
iPhone 11 Pro Max screen replacement 119 99
iPhone XS screen replacement 100 90
iPhone XS MAX screen replacement 129 110
iPhone XR screen replacement 100 90
iPhone X screen replacement 100 90
iPhone 8 screen replacement 79 59
iPhone 8 plus screen replacement 79 59
iPhone 7 screen replacement 79 59
iPhone 7 plus screen replacement 79 59
iPhone 6s plus screen replacement 79 55
iPhone 6s screen replacement 69 55
iPhone 6 plus screen replacement 69 55
iPhone 6 screen replacement 59 45
iPhone 5/5S/5C screen replacement 49 40

Other mobile phone Parts


Products Price (Aftermarket parts) Price (OEM parts)
iphone Back Glass Replacement From 115 CALL
Ipad Screen Reair From $70 CALL
Samsung Galaxy Screen Repair From $130 CALL
Other Brand Repair CALL CALL
The Best Price Guarantee The Best Price Guarantee The Best Price Guarantee

* The prices listed above are for mobile devices with a working genuine LCD only.
* The Repair Buddy Money Back Guarantee covers 7 days on all of our parts.
* OEM parts are made directly by the manufacturer

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Common Apple iPhone Repairs in Melbourne

Apple Screen/LCD Replacement

If you need iPhone cracked screen repair, Repair Buddy offers screen replacements and LCD replacements. iPhone screen replacement requires your phone’s display to be functional. There should not be any black spots or strange lines on the display, and the touch sensitivity should still be working. In the case of black dots or coloured lines appearing, the only solution is LCD replacement.

An LCD replacement involves replacing both the LCD display and the screen at the same time. When we do a screen replacement, we cut out the outer glass protecting the display and replace that layer of glass only. With iPhone cracked screen repairs in the Melbourne CBD that require LCD replacement, we replace both the LCD display and the glass.

iPhone Battery Replacement

Apple iPhones are known to have a lower battery capacity. While your phone may perform day-to-day tasks with no issues, heavier use such as gaming can cause the battery to quickly deplete. If your phone’s battery is constantly deteriorating after each charge, Repair Buddy can carry out iPhone battery replacement to improve your battery life. Some simple indications of a bad battery include faster draining, heating up even when not being used, battery bloating, and reduced battery health.

iPhone Water Damage Repair

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were the first water resistant iPhones introduced by Apple with an IP67 rating. Devices with an IP67 rating are able to survive a 30-minute dive at a maximum depth of 1 metre. As of the iPhone 11 series, we now have iPhones that are IP68!

However, there is a difference between ‘waterproof’ and ‘water resistant’. Any product advertised as waterproof implies that it is completely indestructible by water. All smartphone manufacturers, including Apple, advertise their devices as water resistant and not waterproof. They also don’t provide warranty coverage for devices that have experienced water damage.

If your iPhone has become damaged by exposure to water, Repair Buddy can provide water damaged iPhone repair in Melbourne to rectify the problem and restore your phone back to working order.

iPhone Charging Port Replacement

An iPhone charging port replacement is a repair service in which the charging port of an iPhone device is replaced with a new one. This service is typically required when the charging port is damaged or malfunctioning, preventing the phone from charging properly or connecting to other devices.

Because they’re used on a daily basis, damaged charging ports are fairly common. Some indications of a damaged or faulty charging port include slower charging, inability to charge even with a working charging cable, or only being able to charge your device at a certain angle when plugged in.

Depending on your iPhone model, charging port replacements are usually very simple and straightforward.

Repair Buddy can replace your damaged charging port with a brand new one within 45 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on your phone model.

iPhone Back Glass Repair & Replacement

Glass-backed smartphones are common these days. The very first iPhone to implement a glass design was the iPhone 4 back in 2010. Apple then switched back to metal designs for subsequent models until returning to glass designs 7 years later with the iPhone 8 series. Unfortunately, glass-backed devices can be more fragile by nature, meaning iPhone back glass repair and replacement services are sometimes necessary. If your iPhone back glass has become broken or shattered, we can repair it so it looks as good as new.

iPhone Motherboard Repair

The motherboard of your phone is essential, affecting your usage, so when it experiences problems, it can render your phone almost entirely unusable. Most iPhone repair shops in Melbourne do not have the skill to fix iPhone motherboards, or else they offer steep prices for motherboard repair. Repair Buddy is different, providing affordable motherboard iPhone repair in Melbourne performed by experienced technicians. We can solve all common motherboard problems, including:

  • Audio IC
  • Power IC
  • U2 IC
  • Touch IC
  • Touch disease repair
  • Shorted motherboard
  • Hard disk

Organize iPhone Repairs in Melbourne Today

If you’re looking for the best provider of iPhone repairs in the Melbourne CBD, make Repair Buddy your first destination. We provide Apple iPhone screen repair and other repair services for customers in the Melbourne CBD, Malvern and an other south east suburbs. Call us on (03) 9077 0411 to find out more about our service scope and pricing, or drop into one of our locations today.

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    iPhone repairs FAQ

    What types of iPhone repairs do you offer?

    Repair Buddy offers a wide range of iPhone repair services, including screen replacements, battery replacements, water damage repairs, camera repairs, and more.

    How long does it take to repair an iPhone?

    The repair time depends on the type of repair needed. Most common repairs can be completed within 1-2 hours. However, more complex issues may take longer.

    Do you use genuine Apple parts for repairs?

    Yes, we use high-quality, genuine Apple parts for our iPhone repairs to ensure the best performance and quality.

    Is there a warranty on your repairs?

    We offer a warranty on our repairs, typically ranging from 1 year to life time, depending on the type of repair. This warranty covers any issues related to the repair work.

    Do I need to make an appointment for a repair?

    While appointments are not mandatory, we recommend scheduling one to ensure we can attend to your repair promptly. Walk-ins are also welcome.

    What is the cost of an iPhone repair?

    The cost of the repair varies depending on the model and type of repair needed. We offer free diagnostics and will provide you with a quote before starting any repair.

    Can you repair water-damaged iPhones?

    Yes, we have experience in repairing water-damaged iPhones. It's essential to bring your device in as soon as possible to improve the chances of a successful repair.

    Is data loss a concern during the repair process?

    We take data privacy seriously. We recommend backing up your data before the repair, and we make every effort to ensure your data is not compromised during the repair.

    Do you offer mail-in or courier services for iPhone repairs?

    At this time, we only offer in-store repairs. We don't have a mail-in or courier service available.