Phone Trade in

It’s hard to resist the temptation to upgrade your phone when new and exciting iterations are constantly released. However, doing so in a cost-effective manner can be a little tricky.

Trading in your old phone can be one way to save money on a new one. But, aside from that, there are various other benefits to trading your phone in to an authorized dealer (rather than leaving it in a drawer to lie idly forever).

Here’s a rundown of a few of the benefits of trading in.

You can get credit on a new device

Major electronics and telco operators offer a trade-in service, both in-store and online, to customers with old phones that are still in working condition. Some retailers will require a prep for trade-in, involving steps like signing out of accounts, disconnecting from other devices and erasing data.

Telcos often offer credit towards upgrades when old phones are traded in.

Trading in is also a safer option than selling your old phone before upgrading. This is because the trade-in credit you receive can be more than what a potential buyer would want on a phone that may have degraded battery life and physical wear and tear.

It’s environmentally friendly

Unfortunately, most of our old electronics (including our phones) will end up in landfill. They also take years to biodegrade and can leak toxic materials that harm the environment. Trading in your old devices is a far more environmentally-friendly alternative to throwing them away.

90% of the materials inside your unwanted mobile phones can be reused, and materials like glass, aluminium and silver are often recovered when recycled properly.

Trading in your device ensures the phone’s reuse and recycling will be carried out correctly too. If phones aren’t recycled properly, their chemicals can threaten food and water supplies, as well as animal habitats.

It’s quick and convenient

What’s more enticing than convenience, really?

Let’s face it – you probably have a drawer or old basket of old electronics sitting somewhere in your house taking up space. Trading in is a matter of searching your desired telco or retailer, checking out their process and getting a quote.

Some outlets will also assist in the saving and carrying over of data, as data loss is a common concern amongst those trading in old devices.