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4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Repair Your Phone On Your Own

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Repair Your Phone On Your Own

While it may be tempting to repair your phone by yourself, there are some key factors you should consider. Unlike other items you may have in your home, your smartphone is a complicated piece of machinery. Trying to do it yourself without the proper equipment can lead to a more damaged phone, and hundreds of dollars down the drain. Don’t let that happen. Here’s why you should let a professional repair your phone.


You could damage your phone even more


If you have never worked on the phone before then you have a serious chance of damaging something. Phones have hundreds of moving parts, and it can take quite skilled technicians to repair your phone. Also, let’s say you have something like a cracked iPhone screen. At first, the repair may seem simple and easy to fix. You just need to replace the screen right? Except, there’s a possibility that the glass shards of the screen could cut you, or you end up replacing the screen incorrectly. You then have to spend more money and hire a professional to fix the mistake, and you would have voided your warranty. It may be a common iPhone repair, but that doesn’t mean everyone is qualified to fix it. If you don’t have much knowledge of fixing phones, it’s best to get a professional to do it. Not only will you not damage your phone anymore, but you can also save money this way.


Phones are complicated


Don’t repair your phone if it has deeper issues than just a cracked screen. Issues resulting from software or hardware failure require special cooling and heating techniques to repair your phone. Most people not only do not have the tools, but also do not have the right table space and conditions to handle a phone repair. Alternatively, you can hire a professional that has the right tools and workspace. Most professionals can repair your phone easily and quickly because they have that experience and knowledge to do it well. They have often spent hundreds of hours studying phones and fixing them. Trying to fix your phone or laptop can have disastrous consequences. Instead, you can take an active role in protecting your phone by putting a case on it to make sure it’s secured on your person.


You may void your warranty


Apple, Samsung, and other phone manufacturers don’t want you to repair your phone on your own. Some argue because it’s for money and others argue it’s to protect the hardware. In any case, as the rules are established, if you tried to repair your phone on your own buying 3rd party kits then you could void your warranty. That means those companies won’t replace your phone should you have a malfunction or something else happened. It can cost you upwards of $1,000.


Don’t try to repair your phone by yourself, even if you are fine with voiding the warranty. it’s still the best option to take it to a professional who works on phones often because most professionals will give you a warranty on the procedure that they conducted. This means that you can take your phone back for repair should a new piece of equipment need to be installed. You won’t have that luxury should you try to repair your phone by yourself.


Finding the Right Tools Online


Finding the right tools to repair your phone can be a hassle even if you are using an online guide. There are multiple points that you need to use when opening the phone. Once inside, you’ll need even more tools to operate on pieces of the phone. Buying a screen replacement kit doesn’t guarantee you success. Most of the time, it’s a very slow process that confuses newcomers who don’t have a guide to show them the way. Try watching a tutorial first and see if you understand what’s needed to complete the job. You may find that it’s more than you bargained for.


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