How to find Samsung Phone repair in Melbourne and it’s cost


Samsung phones are renowned for their advanced features, sleek designs, and robust performance, making them a cornerstone in the smartphone industry. However, like any electronic device, Samsung phones are susceptible to daily wear and tear or accidental damages, such as cracked or shattered screens, software glitches, and battery issues requiring repair or replacement. Samsung phone repairs can lead to unexpected expenses that may result in a financial setback. On average, the cost to repair a Samsung phone is $143, with prices ranging from $70 to $440, depending on the model. Various factors influence these repair costs, which we will discuss in this article.

Key Takeaways

Handling your Samsung phone with care is crucial to avoid potential damage. However, accidents can happen despite proper care. Understanding the potential costs associated with Samsung phone repairs can help you make an informed decision about getting your device repaired. The cost of Samsung phone repair varies depending on the model, extent of damage, and repair service provider. On average, the repair cost of a Samsung phone is $100, with a range between $50 and $338.


The primary data in this article is shared by Repair Buddy. The costs of Samsung phone repairs are sourced from Samsung’s official stores, Repair Buddy’s partner stores, and other authorized repair centers in the Melbourne. All repair costs are regularly updated based on market price changes. On average, the market repair cost of a Samsung phone is about $100 before tax, last updated on June 25, 2024.

Where to Get Your Samsung Phone Fixed Near You?**

When it comes to Samsung phone repairs, it’s essential to choose repair stores that ensure reliability, quality in their work, and transparency in their services and prices. Here are some trusted repair options for getting your Samsung phone fixed:


Your first option for repairing your Samsung phone should be Samsung’s official repair centers. If your phone is still under Samsung’s warranty, you might be eligible for free repair services. However, accidental damages are not covered by your Samsung warranty, requiring you to resort to a local repair store to fix such damages.

Repair Buddy

For those seeking reliable repair services comparable to Samsung’s, Repair Buddy is a reputable platform. Repair Buddy’s partner stores are located in multiple suburbs in Melbourne, offering various types of Samsung phone damage repairs or replacements at affordable rates.

What Are the Factors Influencing Samsung Phone Repair Costs?

The cost to repair Samsung phones is influenced by several factors. Here are the main factors determining Samsung phone repair costs:

Samsung Phone Model

The model of your Samsung phone plays a significant role in determining the repair cost. High-end and latest models, such as the S23 Ultra, often have expensive parts, leading to higher repair costs compared to older models like the S20.

Type of Damage

The severity and nature of the damage also influence the repair cost. Minor repairs, like battery replacement or charging port cleaning, are less costly. However, severe damages, such as water damage or shattered screens, can lead to much higher repair costs due to the complexity of the repair process and the cost of parts.

Repair Service Provider

The choice of repair service provider also affects the cost. Repairs conducted at Samsung’s official centers are expensive if not covered by warranty. However, opting for a local repair store may reduce the repair costs.

Warranty or Samsung Care+

If your Samsung phone is still under the manufacturer’s warranty or you have Samsung Care+ insurance, you might be eligible for free repairs or reduced costs through your insurance. The standard Samsung warranty typically covers manufacturing defects, while Samsung Care+ covers a range of damages, including accidental.

Repair Buddy Samsung Phone Repair Cost

Repair Buddy provides reliable repair services at competitive prices, ensuring your Samsung phone is handled by skilled technicians. Repair costs for Samsung phones at Repair Buddy start from as low as $50 and can go up to $440, depending on your phone’s model and the severity of the damage.

Samsung Phone Repair Cost by Samsung

Getting your Samsung phone repaired by Samsung’s official store guarantees high-quality repairs with genuine parts. Costs for Samsung repairs start from a base price and may vary based on the model and type of damage your phone has sustained.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Samsung Phone Screen in Melbourne?

Repair Buddy Samsung Phone Screen Replacement Cost

It costs $143 on average for a Samsung phone screen replacement by Repair Buddy. Technicians carefully remove and replace your phone’s old screen with a new, high-quality part.

Samsung Phone Screen Replacement Cost by Samsung

The cost of replacing a Samsung phone screen at an official Samsung store depends on the model. For example, replacing the screen of a Samsung S23 Ultra costs $259, while replacing the screen of an older model like the S21 5G costs $174.


How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Samsung Phone Battery in Melbourne?

Repair Buddy Samsung Phone Battery Replacement Cost

At Repair Buddy, the average cost for Samsung phone battery replacement is $81. Customers can choose from OEM, refurbished, or third-party batteries for replacement.

Samsung Phone Battery Replacement Cost by Samsung

The cost of replacing a Samsung phone battery at an official Samsung store varies depending on the model and series. Replacing the battery of the latest model, such as the S24 Ultra, may cost more than replacing the battery of an older model like the S20.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Samsung Phone Charging Port in Melbourne?

Repair Buddy Samsung Phone Charging Port Replacement Cost

On average, it costs $83 to repair or replace a Samsung phone’s charging port at Repair Buddy. Technicians identify the damage in the charging port and perform the procedure with utmost care to restore charging functionality.

Samsung Phone Charging Port Replacement Cost by Samsung

If your Samsung phone is still under warranty, you can get the charging port fixed at an official store free of charge (if it’s a manufacturer’s defect). However, if the charging port is accidentally damaged, the standard warranty will not cover it. You can either get it repaired under Samsung Care+ if you have purchased it or pay the regular repair cost at the Samsung store.

Samsung Phone DIY Repair Cost

DIY Samsung phone repair is a budget-friendly option for those with technical know-how. The cost of DIY Samsung phone repair depends on the part you need to replace, such as the screen, battery, or charging port. For instance, a high-quality OLED Display for a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra may cost around $130. Additionally, you may need a specialized toolkit specifically for repairing phones, which can cost around $9. The cost of both replacement parts and toolkits varies depending on the type of damage you’re fixing.


How can I prevent damage to my Samsung phone?

Using a protective case and screen protector can significantly reduce the risk of damage. Additionally, avoid exposing your phone to extreme temperatures and handle it carefully to prevent accidental drops.

Is it worth repairing an old Samsung phone?

The decision to repair an old Samsung phone depends on the extent of the damage and the cost of repair. If the repair cost is close to the price of a new phone, it might be more economical to purchase a new device.

What should I do if my Samsung phone gets wet?

If your Samsung phone gets wet, turn it off immediately and avoid charging it. Remove the SIM card and other external accessories. Place the phone in a bag of uncooked rice or use silica gel packets to absorb moisture. Seek professional repair services as soon as possible.

How long does it take to repair a Samsung phone?

The repair time for a Samsung phone varies depending on the extent of the damage and the availability of parts. Minor repairs may take a few hours, while more complex repairs could take several days.

Can I trust third-party repair services for my Samsung phone?

While many third-party repair services offer quality repairs at competitive prices, it’s crucial to choose a reputable service provider. Look for reviews, ask for recommendations, and ensure they use genuine or high-quality parts.

Does Samsung offer any repair warranties?

Yes, Samsung offers a standard warranty that covers manufacturing defects. Additionally, Samsung Care+ provides coverage for a range of damages, including accidental, for a specified period.


Understanding the costs and options for repairing a Samsung phone can help you make informed decisions when faced with device issues. Whether opting for official Samsung repair centers, trusted third-party services like Repair Buddy, or considering a DIY approach, it’s essential to weigh the costs, benefits, and risks associated with each option. Regular maintenance and careful handling can prolong the life of your Samsung phone, reducing the need for frequent repairs.