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Third party repair on iPhone screen repair

There was an Apple’s iPhone 13’s Face ID failure after changing the screen. This problem mainly occurs in third-party repair shops. Even if the original Apple iPhone 13 screen is used, as long as the iPhone 13 is replaced with the rear face recognition function, all the face recognition functions will be invalid, which makes many users and third-party repair shops very annoying. Because this means that if the user breaks the screen, even if they pay a high price to buy the original screen, they will not be able to use their iPhone 13 normally.

The root cause of this problem is that Apple put a small chip in the screen of the iPhone 13. This chip will record the data of the original screen and the phone, so if you just change the screen, then the chip will think The screen and the phone do not match, which eventually causes the phone’s Face ID to fail. To solve this problem, either re-solder the chip that damaged the screen to the new screen, or you can only go to an official repair shop or an Apple-authorized repair shop, because Apple officially has the tools to bypass the restrictions of Face ID.

If this matter was not a big deal in the past, but now Apple is expanding the global “independent repairer” program, so that these third-party repair shops can also obtain Apple’s original parts and repair manuals, and the conditions are also very wide, There is no cost to third-party merchants participating in the program, as long as the repair provider has an Apple-certified technician. So this time the third-party repair shop uses the original screen to repair the iPhone 13 will also have problems, which will naturally cause a large number of third-party repair shops to be dissatisfied.

Apple also pays more attention to this matter. After all, third-party repair shops can now obtain genuine accessories from Apple, which is also an important part of Apple’s revenue. Therefore, Apple also said that it will solve this problem in the next iOS 15 update, so that after the third-party repair shop changes the screen, the situation that the mobile phone Face ID cannot be used will no longer occur. It is expected that Apple will push related content in the iOS 15.2 update.

What I don’t know is that if this problem is solved, then the original non-Apple screen can also be replaced without error. Of course, Apple currently uses OLED screens across the board, and there are only three suppliers, Samsung, LG, and BOE. There are not as many copycats of LED screens in the past. It is estimated that this will not be a big problem.

Of course, from the perspective of maintenance, the interior of Apple’s iPhone 13 is still very complicated this time, so if conditions permit, it is best for everyone to repair their mobile phones at an official or authorized repair shop. While the price should be a bit more expensive than third-party repair shops, at least you don’t have to worry about repair levels and after-sales service. I’ve had my own previous iPhone repaired at a third-party repair shop, and it didn’t end so well. Moreover, if you go to Apple for official maintenance, at least during the maintenance period, Apple can also provide users with a spare mobile phone, which is also impossible for third parties to do.