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Apple’s iPhone has evolved over the past 10 years, but there is one thing that many of us would agree on is the delicate nature of the iPhone screen which has forced a lot of its customers to have an iPhone screen repair. All of us have a friend or family member who has a cracked iPhone screen. The main reason is when you drop your iPhone, there is a fair amount of chance that you will end up with a cracked screen because of the vulnerability and delicacy of their screens.

When you happen to be in a position where you have broken your iPhone’s screen, first of all, you need to analyze how much damage is done to the screen. We have seen many users who just have a minor crack on their iPhone’s screen, and they decide not to repair it because they are still able to use the phone effectively. That is surely not a good idea. Even if you can use your phone after you break the screen, it is highly recommended that you take it to a repair store and get it repaired. The main reason is that it can cause more damage to your phone in the longer run.

So after breaking your iPhone’s screen and deciding to get it repaired, the next thing that is very important is to decide from where to get your iPhone repaired. As you will be paying good money to get your iPhone screen repaired, you don’t want to pay it to someone who is not experienced and might not provide you with the best repair. Apart from getting it repaired from Apple or from your phone carrier, you can also get it repaired from third-party iPhone screen repair stores. This can prove to be your best option when it comes to the cost and the turnaround time of the repair. The manufacturer or the phone carrier can charge you a lot of money and can take a long time to repair your phone. So opting for a third-party repair store is your best bet when you need to get your phone repaired at low cost and in less time.

As there are so many repair stores in operation nowadays, it can prove to be very difficult to decide which one to choose to get your phone’s screen repaired from. Today we will be talking about top 5 things that you should check about a repair store before you get your iPhone screen repaired from them. Analyzing all of these things will give you a better picture of where to get your phone repaired. These things are listed below:

  • Read reviews of the Company
  • Quality of Screen
  • Warranty
  • Turnaround time
  • Price

You must have gotten a good idea about what to look for before getting your iPhone screen repaired, but let’s discuss these factors in more detail.

Read reviews of the Company:

The first and foremost thing that you should do before deciding where to get your iPhone screen repaired from is to read the reviews of the company, i.e., the repair store. Most of the repair stores have their website and social media pages. Majority of them also provide a platform where their customers can share their experiences about the quality of products and services provided to them by the repair store. You can easily find all the reviews on their website, but if you are not able to find any reviews there, you can always visit their social media pages. As people are very active on social media nowadays, there is a high probability that you will be able to get a good idea about the service quality of the company by reading comments on their social media pages.

It is hard to get a 5-star rating from a customer because many of them don’t feel satisfied even when they are provided with the best quality of service. So if you happen to find a repair store that has enough 5-star reviews, it is highly recommended that you trust the quality of their service and choose to get your iPhone screen repaired from them. One more thing that you can analyze through the reviews of the company is that how experienced they are and how long they are providing the services of iPhone screen repair. If you happen to find only a few good reviews of the company, there is a high possibility that they are relatively new to the market and don’t have enough experience in the field of iPhone screen repair.

As you are looking to get your iPhone screen repaired from the company, you should look for reviews of customers who got their iPhone screens repaired from them. The reason is that the repair store might be good in other repairs of the phone but not the one you are looking for. So if there are good reviews on the repair you are looking to get done, you should choose that repair store over others. If we talk about our team at Repair Buddy, we have over 200 five star review on google. So most of our new customers get a good idea about the quality of our services through our good reviews.

Quality of the screen:

Once you decide to get your iPhone screen repaired from a repair store, you need to check what quality of screens they are providing. There are two types of iPhone screens available in the market. They are OEM and aftermarket screens. If you are not aware, OEM stands for an Original Equipment manufacturer. If you think that your iPhone’s screen is made by Apple themselves, then you are wrong. Majority of the mobile phone manufacturers don’t make all the components of their phones. Instead, they work with OEMs and ask them to design a product according to their specific needs. Apple also gets their iPhone screens from an OEM.

Now you know what an OEM screen is and now let’s talk about the aftermarket screens. Aftermarket iPhone screen is made by a different company. Not the one which is originally manufacturing screens for Apple. So these screens are not original, but they tend to replicate the looks and functionality of the original ones. These screens are usually a lot cheaper than the OEM screens because of not the same standard of quality.

So in short, OEM screens are the originals ones with the best quality, and it can prove to be a bit more costly, and on the other hand, aftermarket screens can be considered replicas which are cheaper and relatively low quality. So before deciding where to get your iPhone screen repaired, you should check whether the company is providing OEM screens or aftermarket screens. There might be a chance that they will lie to you and charge you more for an aftermarket screen. So how do you differentiate between an OEM and aftermarket screen?

First of all, when you read the reviews of the company, you will get a good idea about the quality of their services and how much the customers are satisfied with their repairs. You can also ask them to show you the screen that they are going to use in the repair. Once you see the screen, there are few things that you can check to make sure that they are using OEM screens. The OEM screen will have the Apple logo on it while the aftermarket one will not. The OEM screen will also have a white Barcode and a Black pad which will be missing on the aftermarket screen. Also, there is a rainbow ring around the camera location on the OEM screen, which is not there in the aftermarket screen. So these are some things that you should check. We at Repair Buddy only use the OEM iPhone screens.


When you decide to pay good money for the repair of your iPhone screen, you will want some warranty for the repair. This is another important factor to keep in mind when you are looking for options from where you can get your iPhone screen repaired. If the repair store is providing good warranty, you should prefer it over the ones which are not providing any warranty.

One of the reason of repair stores not providing warranty for their repairs is that they are not using quality products and they know that there is a possibility that the customer might face the same issue after some time because of the quality of screen that they have used in their repair. Also, they might not have enough experienced professionals for the repair, and they fear that they might do something wrong which will cause the customer to come back complaining.

Good repair stores are confident on their repair specialists and the quality of the screens they are using in their repair. So they don’t hesitate in giving warranty to their customers. Now even the warranty may vary from company to company. We at Repair Buddy provide a warranty for 90 days to our customers. Some repair stores give warranty of one month or even less than that. This is one of the reasons that we have over 200 5-star reviews on google.

Turnaround time:

If you use your iPhone for your business purposes or you just can’t live without it, you want to get its screen repaired as soon as possible, right? Getting your phone repaired in the shortest time is a priority for a lot of users. So this is also an important factor to check before you decide where to get your iPhone screen repaired. One of the most common reasons why users prefer to get their phones repaired from third-party repair stores over the manufacturer and the phone carrier is that of the turnaround time.

A phone carrier or manufacturer might take up to a week to replace the screen of your iPhone. On the other hand, third-party repair stores have a turnaround time of one day. Some even do it in a few hours. Our team at Repair Buddy only take one hour to replace the screen of iPhone. So you can get the idea of how much time the repair stores usually take to replace the screen of an iPhone.


When deciding where to get your iPhone screen repaired, the most important thing that comes to the mind of many customers is the cost of the repair. Many users make their decision based on this factor. If the repair store is asking for a lot of time and also asking for more money to repair the screen, we highly recommend you to consider other options.

The repair stores who are using OEM screens in their repair and are giving reasonable warranty tend to charge more than other stores. This is a fair deal because you are getting a good quality screen repair, good warranty and the services of their experienced professionals. So you should compare the cost of all the repair stores near to you and see what is best suited for you. Don’t go for the repair stores who are charging too much for replacing your iPhone screen. At the same time, also avoid choosing a repair store which is charging too less. The ones who are charging in the medium range are usually the best ones.

So from checking the reviews of the company to checking the quality of the screen, the type of warranty provided by the repair store, the turnaround time of the repair and the cost of the repair, these are the top 5 things to check before you get your iPhone screen repaired.

source: askcomputers.ca